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Duane Learning is developing practical & everyday products for parents and their young children. Each cleverly designed product includes tools to help young children develop important skills early in life. They are also a precious aide to parents in motivating their child to establish routine and responsibility to their daily wash times! In the age of computer and tablet screens, these products will help you in teaching your child to become independent and develop practical life skills.



The story of Duane Learning Ltd begins back in 2009 when Lorraine suddenly found herself as a redundant Mom to a three-year-old girl. Rather than trying to stay in the travel industry, Lorraine decided to seize this opportunity to find a career path in which she could be closer to home and her family. She returned to college to study Montessori teaching.

The Montessori Training brought her to the level of the child. The emphasis is on the child and allowing the child to learn for themselves. The Montessori Method of teaching allows children grow and develop in an absolute unique environment. They learn to workto the very best of their ability, to care for and to respect others, to develop a natural curiosity in the world around them and to fulfil a love for learning.

From here Lorraine set about developing the concept of Wash & Learn, the first of many products. In between school runs and being a full time mother to two young children, Lorraine is a member of Network Kildare and many other small business organisations. In the spring of 2015, she was selected to participate in the Dublin City University & Ryan Academy Women High Fliers programme. Worldwide Branding has also recognised her for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in early childhood learning.

Currently Lorraine is Vice President to BNI Cill Dara Ireland, playing an active role in this business network.

Wash & Learn

Our first product to launch is our children's washbag developed under the Pax the Penguin brand. Wash and learn with Pax!
This is a perfect personalised & very clever gift for any toddler. The Pax Washbag is a wash bag with a unique difference! Not only does it help develop motor skills, provide perfect storage for your child's toiletry items, it also helps you in teaching your child the basics of dressing and cleaning. It also comes with a booklet where Pax the Penguin becomes your right hand aide in stressing the importance of personal hygiene and routine to your child. Pax is currently available in both blue and pink. Visit Pax here

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Pax's Wash and Learn